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I have learned that some people surf through this site, and then somehow miss some of the most important pages.
These are the main pages:

A Conversation

Beyond the Drake Equation

"Many-Worlds" Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics


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There are a very large number of websites containing material that may relate to this in some way. Here are a few:


Magic Dragon: The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide


Cybernetic Immortality

Mind Uploading Home Page

Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

Quantum Computation Reference Collection

Metasystem Transition Theory

Principia Cybernetica

The Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life (CSEOL)

Introduction to Astrobiology

The Astrobiology Web

The Tarragon Catastrophe: A True Story of Aliens by Abductee 43

Ian's Cosmic Matters

Why Does Anything Exist?

The Enterprise Mission

Mars-Earth Connection

The Martian Enigmas Home Page

Phenomena: The UFO and Paranormal Premier Information Provider




Global UFO Network (GLUFON)

Link Out

UFO OnLine Links

MSN's UFO Forum

The Black Vault


These are links to pages within this site:

Beyond the Drake Equation

Searching for Planets

Searching for Extraterrestrial Life

How Old is the Nearest Extraterrestrial Civilization? And How Old is the Oldest?

The Order of the Dolphin

The Fermi Paradox

Occam's Razor

...What is possible in this universe, anyway?

"Many-Worlds" Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics


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And if you know of any non-Web material that seems relevant, such as books or articles, please send that information too.

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