Are We Alone?


Throughout the ages, humans have gazed into the night sky and pondered this question. And for just as long, humans have surmised that surely there must be other worlds, where others gaze into the same cosmos and ponder that same question.

As we enter the new millennium, we still cannot prove that there is anyone out there.

There are some who say they have already witnessed proof, and there are many more who believe what they say. Yet many others remain skeptical. Undeniable proof remains elusive.

Many scientists today echo the sentiments of the philosophers and poets of old. As we learn more and more about this universe we live in, it is becoming widely accepted that life should be abundant throughout the Galaxy, and that many civilizations should have long ago surpassed the level of knowledge that we now possess.

As we gradually extend our perception further and further from the Earth that gave us life, we cannot help but wonder: Where are they? Could it be that not one of them has ever visited this little corner of the Galaxy?

Although most scientists refuse to speculate in public on this subject, some believe that we should have been visited already. And there is reason to suspect that someone may be watching us this very moment, and has been for a very long time. (And this is why.)

If there really is someone out there, then it appears they don't want us to know it. For if they wanted us to know, they could easily have gotten our attention by now.

With every passing year, we are looking more and more deeply out into the universe. If they are out there, we surely will find them someday. It seems unlikely that none of them would ever want us to know them.

Undeniable contact seems inevitable. But how long will we have to wait?

And how will it happen?

Join our two intrepid explorers as they ponder the strange future that may lie before us...






Last updated on May 4, 2001



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